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Welcome to Chicago's Pizza Kitchen!

Our entire family of 5 generations were born and raised in Chicagoland and that continues today. We've been making, eating and enjoying the top quality Chicago Food Styles and know what the foods of Chicago are suppose to be. We've spent years perfecting our recipes to highlight the best tastes Chicago has to offer. We have delicacies like the Classic Deep Dish, the Tavern Style Thin Crust and our Signature pizza, "The Quad" Carmalized Pan Pizza. All our pizzas include Delicious hand made sauces. 

Don't miss out on the Gangster Italian Beef Sammich or the Vienna Chicago Dawg, made the same way as they serve them right downtown Chicago. We have some amazing pasta dishes too for you to try. 

So get down here an enjoy a piece of the Windy City at: Chicago's Pizza Kitchen!

We can't wait to feed ya! 

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Picture Coming Soon!

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Could be You!

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Could be You!

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Could be You!

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Chicago Pizzas

Deep Dish

The Quad

Tavern Thin

Where to find us

5016 Bridgeport Way W Suite B

University Place 98467-2039

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

10am – 10pm

Saturday - Sunday

10am – 10am

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